August 18 School Newsletter

Ref: GO’H/GO’H

Date: 16th August ‘18


Dear Parent/Carer

Welcome back! I hope everyone had a very good summer break with the best sunny weather for many years! The children are looking fit and well and are very smart in their school uniforms. Many thanks for your continued support in ensuring your child wears their shirt and tie each day. The majority of children have remembered to bring a change of shoes for wearing indoors. Well done!

St Kenneth’s extends a warm welcome to our new parents and I am looking forward to working with all of our parents and children during the coming year.

On Friday of this week (tomorrow) the PTA is holding a coffee morning in the school hall from 9.15am to 10am to welcome our new P1 parents. All parents are most welcome and we would be delighted to see you.

Breakfast Club: Starting on Monday 27th August 2019 8.15am-8.45am

Our school breakfast service will start on Monday 27th August 2018.   Breakfast is available between 8.15am to 8.45am. Registration forms will be given to all children on Monday 20th August. If you intend to use the breakfast service, whether it is regularly or occasionally, a form must be returned by Thursday 23rd August so that supervising staff have essential information.

Access to the breakfast club will be through the dining hall door and NOT the front entrance. Parents are responsible for getting their children to the school and for ensuring their child’s good conduct. This service provides breakfast only. There are no activities provided. Breakfast is FREE for all children and we welcome this opportunity to support our families.


We extend a warm welcome to all our new staff and are delighted to see the “old” faces returning too!!!

This year’s staffing is as follows.....

Room 1 P1 Mrs Currie Room 9 P4 Mrs Golfis/Mrs McGinness
Room 2 P1 Miss McEvoy Room 10 P4/5 Mrs Lynas
Room 3 P1/2 Mrs Gray Room 11 P5 Mr Friel
Room 4 P2 Mrs Cunningham/Mrs Smith Room 12 P5 Mrs Hobson
Room 5 P2 Miss McIvor Room 13 P5/6 Mrs O’Brien
Room 6 P3 Mr Wyatt Room 14 P6 Mrs Phiri
Room 7 P3 Miss Ross Room 15 P6/7 Mrs Fullerton
Room 8 P3/4 Mrs Sim Room 16 P7 Miss Reilly
    Room 17 P7 Mr McGinley
Nursery Class:, Mrs Gillies/Mrs Hanlon and Mrs Robertson Nursery Teacher: Mrs Gardener
  Mrs Marcuccilli DHT

P1 to 3

Miss Connolly DHT

P4 to 7

Principal Teachers: Mrs Lynas and Mrs Currie
Mr McKenna and Mrs Parker will be our CCC teachers this session.

*As you may know class teachers are entitled to 2.5hrs non class contact time and therefore Mr McKenna and Mrs Parker will work with classes teaching mainly Science, Health and Well being and ICT.

Both DHTs also have a teaching commitment one day per week.





Access to the school grounds

There are two entrances into the school. One is through the main gate at the front of the school and the other is the back gate on East Mains Road.


  • Entering through the main gate at the front of the school.


  • Children/parents entering this way should proceed along the back of the building, round the building and into the courtyard.  It is intended that as few parents as possible would need to accompany their children right round into the courtyard area. It would be appreciated if parents of Primary 3-7 children could leave their children at the gate and allow them to go into the school on their own. 

    Entering through East Mains back gate.


Children/parents entering this way should proceed into the courtyard.  Again, it would be appreciated if parents of Primary 3-7 children would leave their children at the gate and allow them to go into the school on their own.

Adults in the courtyard before school starts should keep to the perimeter of the yard and not interfere with the children’s play area. This is a very busy yard as the majority of the school line up here and parents should be mindful of keeping their distance from classes lining up at 9am.

Your support in putting these arrangements into practice is most appreciated.


At 3pm parents of P1 to 3 can come into the courtyard to wait for the children coming out leaving the doorways completely clear to allow children to exit. Please do not enter the school playground before 2.55pm.

Parents of P4 to 7 pupils should wait at the back of the school as all children need to come round this area anyway.

Let’s hope the snow stays away for a while as all the entry/exit arrangements change once again!!


As you may be aware, a number of pupils are allergic to peanuts and at least one of our pupils has a SEVERE allergy to peanuts therefore it is paramount that you do NOT send your child to school with snacks containing nuts. Your cooperation in this matter is most appreciated as it can lead to a life threatening situation. Thank you. 

Absence Reporting

Just to remind parents of our procedures regarding reporting absence.

  1. Parents must telephone the school office by 9.30am on your child’s first day of absence and give an indication of how long you expect your child’s absence to last.
  2. Telephone after 3/4 days if your child’s absence is continuing.
  3. Give your child a written note on their return to school.If we have not been informed of your child’s absence our school office will phone you or your child’s emergency contact, if you are not available, in order to enquire about the absence.I very much appreciate your support in this matter.We have an automated system for reporting absence in the mornings allowing you to leave a message.

School Photographs: Wednesday 22nd August 18

The photographer will be in school on Wednesday 22nd August to take class photographs.   Please make sure that your child is wearing their blue shirt and tie.   We will not be taking individual/family photographs (except for Primary 1 classes) at this time as this was carried out last year. We work this on a two-year cycle. If you do not wish your child to be photographed at all please send a note to their class teacher.

Could parents please note that FAMILY photographs consist of children at St Kenneth’s Primary, Nursery class. We are unable to provide studio conditions to include younger children.

Primary 1 information

Just to remind you that Primary 1 will stay in school for the full days from their very first day. Information has been given to P1 parents.

There will be a Curriculum Workshop for P1 parents on Tuesday 4th September between 6.30pm and 8.30pm. Information will follow shortly about this evening.

Parent Helpers

As you know we rely on parent helpers in order to take part in a number of activities both within and outwith school. It is essential that all our parent helpers have been security checked. If you can spare any time for helping with outings etc and wish to add your name to our helper’s list please ask at the school office regarding completing a PGV form.

Parent Teacher Association/Parent Forum

We have a small number of very committed parents who run our PTA. The PTA adds a great deal to each child’s school experience and we would be delighted to see as many parents as possible at our first meeting of this session which takes place on Tuesday 28th August at 7.30pm in The Kittoch.                                        .

As you may know each parent is a member of the Parent Forum, from which a Parent Council is formed. We have a Parent Council of 6 members who meet on a monthly basis. There is a Parent Council Meeting on Tuesday 28thAugust at 6.30pm in the school and should you be interested in finding out more about the Parent Council we would be delighted to see you at this meeting.

Medical Forms and Annual Data Check

These forms will be distributed in the next few days. Please check the information, complete and return to the school as soon as possible.

If your child has medication which is kept in school can you please ensure that it is up-to-date?

School Meals

Menus will be given to children as soon as we receive them. Today is Week 2 of the dinner cycle. The menu is displayed for children within the school and on our school app. Cafeteria meals are free for Primary 1 to 3 children and cost £1.65 for children in P4 to 7. Children can also buy milk from the cafeteria at morning break and for lunch which costs 20p. For children in Primary 4 to 7 please note that free school meal entitlement must be re-applied for each year.

Parents should always ensure that children come to school with a lunch or lunch money. Please do not send your child to the office for money as we can no longer sustain this courtesy.

Mobile Phones (these are brought to school at your own risk)

The following procedures apply to any child who brings a mobile phone to school.

  • These should be switched off and handed into the school office at 9am (Class teachers arrange this)
  • These should be collected again at 3pm from the school office. Pupils must remember to collect their property.
  • No mobile phones should be stored in bags and used at any time during the school day.
  • When in the yard before and after school, pupils should not use their phones to take photographs, videos or access the internet.

These steps are in place to ensure the safe use of mobile phones.

Should you need to contact your child during the school day, please phone the school office.

Drinking water

Children are encouraged to bring a bottle of water to have during class time. This should be plain water only and of a reasonable size (or else they may spend most of their class time at the toilet!).


Kit: shorts (preferably black), blue t-shirt, soft shoes and a light waterproof jacket if possible.

In order to fulfil the Scottish Government’s requirement of 2hrs physical activity each week children will have three 40 minute blocks of PE every week. For Primaries 1 to 3 these can take place between our two halls but for Primaries 4 to 7 one of these sessions will take place outdoors. All classes will make the best use possible of the school pitch and play areas for physical activity and this will involve children being outdoors in a variety of weathers. Class teachers need to have the flexibility of responding to weather conditions which is why children should have their PE kit with them at all times.

Trainers are not suitable for PE in the gym hall and it is preferred that children wear black plimsoles. Children should keep their PE kit in school. Each child has their own kit bag provided by our PTA which is kept in school. Gym clothes will be sent home at the end of the week to be washed.

In the interests of Health and Safety pupils should not wear any jewellery to P.E.

It is preferred that jewellery is not worn to school at all. Any earrings should be stud earrings and not hoops or dangling earrings.

Primary 1 pupils should bring their gym kit over the next week as we will work towards changing for gym!

Important Dates for your diary

A list of holidays and parents’ nights is attached. Please keep this in a safe place.Kiwi Closure

After 45 years in operation, 25 of these in St Kenneth’s Primary, KIWI Pre-5 Playgroup has reluctantly had to close its doors due to financial pressures. KIWI has been a much loved learning early years’ environment for many of our children through the years and many children and families have fond memories of their time there. We intend to mark Kiwi’s contribution to our school community at an assembly in the next few weeks. Children affected by this closure are being offered places in St Kenneth’s nursery which will expand to accommodate families.

Summer Gifts and Thank Yous!

The staff of St Kenneth’s wish to thanks parents and families for all the cards and gifts received in June and for your kind thoughts, words and expressions of appreciation. Thank you! Your generosity was overwhelming.

School and Nursery App

We introduced our school app towards the end of last year and our consultation shows this is a successful way of communicating with parents. School news and newsletters will be on the app, e-mailed and on the website therefore we will only provide a paper copy to those parents and carers who had advised nursery staff that they need a paper copy.

How to access the app

  1. Search ‘PSA primaryschoolapp’ in the Apple or Google Play app stores.
  2. Once you have opened the app search for ‘St Kenneth’s Primary School’

3.You need to enter the passcode “SKPS 1967”

School Parent Only? Getting nursery messages that don’t concern you?

To turn off messages that don’t concern you go to the filter icon at the top left had corner in the message section and deselect the areas of the school/nursery that are of no concern to you.  This should minimize the number of messages you receive.

And finally……..

Our new school – eight years on!

Mrs Ann Boyle, our school janitor, has worked very hard with our school cleaning staff to ensure the school is in great condition and ready for the year ahead.

My thanks to them for all their hard work and extra efforts and we will continue to encourage all school users to take care of our building and grounds.

With such super children and your support, I am sure a successful year lies ahead!

Yours sincerely

Geraldine O’Hanlon

Head Teacher
































Holiday Dates 

Session 18/19


21st September‘18 Holiday 29th March ‘19 School closes at 2.30pm
24th September ‘18 Holiday 15th April ‘19 School re-opens at 9am
12th October ‘18 School closes at 3pm 19th April ‘19 Holiday/Good Friday
22nd   October ‘18 School re-opens 22nd April ‘19 Holiday/Easter Monday
19th November ‘18 In-service Day

school closed to pupils

6th May 19 Holiday
21st December ‘18 School closes at 2.30pm 7th May ‘19 In-service Day

school closed to pupils

7th January ‘19 School re-opens at 9am 24th May ‘19 Holiday
11th February ‘19 Holiday 27th May ‘19 Holiday
12th February ‘19


Holiday 28th June’19 School closes at 1pm
13th February ‘19 In-service Day

school closed to pupils




Parent’s Nights: Appointments will be arranged for the following primaries on the dates stated below. Further information will follow nearer the time.

Wednesday 10th October 2018
3.30pm-5.30pm 6.30pm-8.30pm
Primary 1 to 3 Primary 1 to 3
Thursday 11th October 2018
3.30pm-5.30pm 6.30pm-8.30pm
Primary 4 to 7 Primary 4 to 7



Wednesday 24th April ‘19
3.30pm-5.30pm 6.30pm-8.30pm
Primary 4 to 7 Primary 4 to 7
Thursday 25th April ‘19
3.30pm-5.30pm 6.30pm-8.30pm
Primary 1 to 3 Primary 1 to 3

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