Nursery News

    Child Protection

      Our Nursery and Your Child's Early Years

      The school has a nursery which provides a learning environment for young children. Parents from any area may apply to attend the nursery class. To find out more about the nursery please contact the school. However, it should be noted that if you register your child for a nursery in a school this does not mean that they will automatically be enrolled at this school when they are ready to start primary school. All children who move from early years to primary education must register separately for school in the month of January.

      St Kenneth’s Primary School Nursery
      Transition to Primary

      In the summer term a varied programme is arranged in order to make the transition from Nursery to P1 as smooth as possible. A full induction programme is carried out which involves: nursery visits, new starts visiting the school and workshops for parents.

      We hope to make the introduction to school as pleasant, relaxed and enjoyable an experience as possible for your child.

      Further provision is provided by the Kiwi Playgroup, who is in partnership with the Local Authority and occupy a room within the school.