Health Promotion

Aim   of Policy

To promote   a healthy lifestyle and high standards of hygiene in the nursery.

Audience   for Procedures

Nursery staff:   students, helpers

Curricular   area

Health and   well-being

Review   Date


1 Snacks will   be nutritious and staff will take account of individual dietary   requirements.  When preparing food as   part of an activity, staff will seek to develop the children’s understanding   of a healthy diet.
2 Parents/carers   will be encouraged to enrol their child in the toothbrushing programme.
3 The outdoor   play area and the gym hall will be used to provide daily opportunities for   energetic play.  The children will have   opportunities to go for walks in the local environment.
4 Children   will be shown how to wash their hands and blow their noses correctly to   prevent the spread of infection.Staff will   check the toilets for cleanliness at intervals during the day and sign the   monitoring sheet.
5 Staff will   follow the procedures for storing and preparing food and for administering medicines.
6 All   surfaces will be cleaned daily with an appropriate cleaner and staff   responsible will sign the cleaning record sheet.
7 Staff must   wear disposable gloves and an apron when wiping spills of bodily fluids.  Floors and infected areas must be cleaned   and disinfected using appropriate cleaners, following the manufacturer’s   instructions.

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