Nursery Exit Procedures

Aim   of Nursery Exit Procedures

To ensure the   safety and supervision of children leaving the Nursery.

Audience   for Procedures

Nursery   staff:

Relationship   to Curriculum

Health and   well being

Review   Date

 May 2016


1 The member   of staff on duty checks the screen, opens the main door and welcomes   parents/carers.
2 The member   of staff stands at the playroom door and calls the child.  Children are reminded to check their trays.    The children are helped to change   their shoes and put on their coats.
3 The member   of staff on duty oversees parents/carers signing their children out on the   register.  For safety reasons, the exit   door must be opened by the adult in charge of the children who are leaving.
4 If a person   unfamiliar to staff arrives to collect a child and there has been no   notification of a change in arrangement, staff must contact the parent/carer.   If the parent/carer cannot be contacted the nursery teacher will discuss the   matter with the Head Teacher.
5 The   playroom door must be kept closed unless a member of staff is on duty there.
6 Unknown   callers at the Nursery entrance are directed via the intercom to the school   office.

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