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Dear Parent

At St. Kenneth’s we are aware that the education of your child is a most serious responsibility which you have asked us to share. We aim therefore to provide a stimulating learning environment that takes into account pupils’ intellectual, spiritual, physical, emotional and social development. It is our intention to make school a happy and supportive place where children develop a desire to further the learning process through encouragement of a positive approach to education, the provision of an appropriate, balanced curriculum and offering them opportunities to exercise qualities of co-operation, responsibility and initiative. An awareness of their duties and responsibilities as future citizens is fostered through developing a sense of equal opportunities and social justice.

We aim to provide a suitable ethos to promote partnership between parents, staff, children and the local and wider communities to help each child in our school reach the highest measure of success which he/she is capable, and recognise and develop any special skills he/she has, academic, physical or aesthetic.

When young children begin school life they are eager to grasp many new experiences and one of our aims is to preserve this attitude of pleasure and excitement in learning, so that each will become a successful learner, confident individual, responsible citizen and an effective contributor.

I look forward to working with you.

Yours sincerely
G O’Hanlon
Geraldine O’Hanlon
Head Teacher

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