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Jigsaw (PSHE)

Jigsaw (PSHE)


Recently, in class, we have been introduced to a new health and well-being course which includes practising our meditation and mental wellbeing.

We have been shown the characters, Jello and Jerrie, every year group has their own character. These are great for the younger ones, they help them to pay attention because of their cuteness, characteristics, and the fact that they are teddies. Jerrie the cat also does ‘Paws for thought’ which helps children in a fun way to tell them to stop and think about what they are doing for a few minutes.

Room 16 have been using our creativity and teamwork skills to create Lunar Hotels made only out of flashcards, tape, pens and scissors. The criteria was that it had to withstand a hit from a ‘meteorite’ (A dictionary), to have lots of creativity and to have great teamwork. Every group succeed in the task.

Whilst we have been doing our meditation, we have also been doing the Jigsaw Chime, which is a chime bar that we have been focusing on until the chime passes. During meditation we have been thinking about what we are appreciative of. It is also showing us how to let thoughts pass through our mind rather than worrying about them.

We have both really enjoyed this because it is fun, relaxing and it is very helpful for our health and wellbeing.

Zahra and Aoibhne – Room 16, Primary 7.

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