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Student Volunteers

Students and Volunteers in Nursery Class

Aim of policy

To support the training of Early Years Workers and Teachers and to provide opportunities for volunteers to work in a nursery environment.
Audience for policy

Nursery staff, Students and Volunteers
Relationship to Curriculum

all areas of curriculum
Review Date

May 2016

1 Students St Kenneth’s Nursery works in partnership with colleges, universities and secondary schools to provide training and work experience placements for students and senior pupils.
2 Staff will share their knowledge, experience and good practice to enable students to fulfill their remit in Nursery.
3 At the start of their placement, students are given a guidance leaflet and key policies are outlined by the Nursery Teacher/Team Leader at an Induction Meeting.
4 Student Early Years Workers and Teachers will have regular meetings with a designated member of staff. Written feedback is provided at the end of placements.
5 Volunteers Parent/carer Helpers and adult volunteers who help in the Nursery on a regular basis must have an up to date Disclosure Scotland Certificate and a list of volunteers and a timetable must be given to the Head Teacher. The Nursery Teacher will meet with volunteers before they start to explain their role and the need for confidentiality.
6 Parent/carer Helpers and adult volunteers are encouraged to assist with a wide variety of leaning experiences. They must be supervised by a member of staff who is responsible for the safety, care and welfare of the children at all times.

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